Joseph Brad Kluge
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Love Song To No One    

Well we know the way they go    
with day's spent running glow    
on theater nights, the subway stair    
that lovers take and are taken back    
while eating chestnuts off the rack;    
of restless nights or one night stands   
or froth-like word fed in short lived strands   
or frothy sighs and cappuccino stands-    
And with blinding lights over a cheap band's tune    
'eau-de-vie et la lune,'    
while ever whispered an unspoken question    
"shall I ever dare?"    

Streams of mourning run over the valley    
to wash these wounds for another day's parry;    
the sun's early glow plays off gentle curves    
and is left in wounds to tarry    
ever in sleepless eyes;    
and with past, present and future sighs    
in my hall Hephaestus lies    
in watch for love and war as one    
(so as it is with everyone.)   
So! on he looks for one lone star   
clutching his net like a blanket in the dark   
while lover's wrestle in the park -   
and hunts alone for the lark     
that wrestles Venus in the park-     
while ever whispered an unspoken question...    

So when indeed will be my time    
when love and form are ever mine    
these subtle curves kept me at bay    
unfit to pierce a line so fine;    
and with that before me here I stay    
to loosen his net with a line    
or tighten it with a sign    
or both at once with just one move    
and all else sways with none to soothe    
while many wait with doubts to play    
"but shall I ever dare?"  


©1979 Joseph Brad Kluge 

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