Joseph Brad Kluge
  from letters left unanswered
    an addiction    

    the game approaches   
    predator and prey   
    masking your scent   
    with tears along lashes   
    that lie so subtly -   
    both decoy and sacrifice.   

    your aim falters   
    freezing me in your path-   
    the flash reflecting in eyes 
    at so fatal an approach   
    leaving us lying   
    at eachothers feet   
    and flung to the bed.   

    each will tell a story   
    counting each point   
    to justify the trophy --  
    maybe gravy  will cover  
    the gamey taste of the kill  
    watching glassy-eyed  
    and mounted on your sleeve 
    engendering such a hunger   
    that slouches toward my heart. 1  


©1997 Joseph Brad Kluge