Joseph Brad Kluge
Translated from the original Ethioptic by FRA Francis Alonzo, S.J.  
The Book Of Korah  
Chapter Three
1     It was the time of the passing of Moses. There upon the foothills of Abrhim, Moses was taken into the heart of the Lord Adonai, leaving his staff upon the mountains above the Dead Sea and The Promised Land.  Within sight of the Promised Land and the earthquake that took all but the first born of the house of Korah who had risen up challenge the authority that the Lord had placed into the hands of Moses and Aaron who had delivered the tribes of Abraham from the slavery of Kemet.  

2     The Lord Adonai who brought forth water when the people thirsted in the desert. The God of Abraham who fed his children manna when there was naught else to eat. Only Korah son of his father was saved to meet the messengers of Pharaoh. For after the passing of the Angel of Death on the Passover the Malak of Egypt's affliction fled not with the tribes of Israel but remained in the land of Ramses for the forty years.  

3     Before the Wrath of Ramses the Great the priests and magicians fell by sword and stone until finally his heart finally softened for his people and their afflictions.

4     When the house of Aaron heard the words of Pharaoh beseeching his adopted brother Moses to deliver the people of Egypt from the Angel of the Passover.  

5     The messengers arrived as the sun set over the Promised Land three months after the passing of Moses and bearing gifts of gold and incense to the God of Moses who is also the God of Wrath and Mercy.  

6     And so the council met through the night before the Ark of the Covenant praying to understand God's will on the fate of the children of Egypt. With the first light shinning off the Ark of the Lord, **** the first son of Aaron , himself heavy in both years and memories reaching back to the Exodus came forth from the tent where the Ark was kept and called to Korah. And **** and Korah went to speak with the messengers of Pharaoh.

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