Love You To Death

...a gripping tale of eroticism and espionage explodes when a disgraced and alcoholic ex-CIA operative Hieronymus Trout discovers a plan to assassinate the president by placing plastique in Paula Jones' breast implants.   

From:  J. White 
Sent:  Monday, August 25, 1997 9:15 AM 

Subject:  RE: "Love You To Death" ... -Reply 

That amount of plastic explosive in Paula could wipe out much of the white house. Thus the donor staying in the Lincoln Bedroom would be killed and an ensuing war between the US and China would seem inevitable. However, the infamous photo of Mao and J. Edgar Hoover in drag at an underground Queen's Club in Berlin would be secretly sent to Hieronymous Trout. China hesitates but......  

From: John Alspaugh
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 7:09 AM
To: Joseph Brad Kluge
Subject: Re: Mao and J. Edgar in drag

[Joe-- This is the hook.]  No.  The photo would not be sent secretly.  It would appear on the internet with Hieronymous doctored in, looking a good deal like Paula Jones herself.  At that point, the secret informer comes in.  H. is informed that he is Paula's twin brother, separated at birth.  He would be so disgraced and humiliated that he would really tie one on.  In his drunken state, he dresses up as his sister and attacks Hilary Clinton at a dinner party, knocking her out and tossing her over his shoulder, he wobbles away on stiletto heals, now and again actually falling down.  



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